We have applied the Listen, Learn and Launch people-centric innovation mindset to solve various "wicked problems" over the last couple of years, so allow us to share some project stories that might inspire your next new venture design journey.

Case Study 1

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Future of Legal Services

As part of a bigger analysis of the disruption of professional services, we looked at the legal services space in order to understand the various future market scenarios and strategic opportunities from selected players perspective. We have used these learnings to inform new venture design projects with different players in the ecosystem.

Case Study 2


Financial Inclusion

We have built up a rich body of work across the African continent to better understand how alternative financial systems, business models and next-generation institutions can be created by tapping into established human-centered financial practices.  In many ways, Africa will lead the global movement in financial services innovation. One of the key ventures we are currently pursuing is the creation of a COOP banking movement in South Africa.

Case Study 3


Media innovation

We have extensive experience in running business model innovation and new venturing projects in the media industry. We are currently exploring various initiatives in the content marketing, live events and bespoke publishing space.